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The game changer
I began my professional career in pursuit of something that has been my passion since the very first word: cars.


I studied product design with the aim of entering the automotive industry. My first job was at Fiat in 2008, and since then, I have worked on various projects in this field, moving through several companies in the sector.
However, one of the biggest challenges of my career was an invitation to develop the styling of the new bodywork for the Stock Car 2025.


Every automotive designer dreams of creating a sports car. However, in this case, it was not a blank canvas, as I needed to respect the design theme of the manufacturers sponsoring the event. Therefore, I created the concept "Inverse", which proposed the design as if the car had initially been conceived for the track and then adapted to become a production SUV.


Within this concept, along with the entire engineering team at AudaceTech responsible for the new cars, we worked on a package aimed at high performance. We were able to propose a volumetric design with a sporty silhouette and details that echoed production vehicles.


More than just aesthetic, design can provide shapes that help structure the parts, making them lighter and more resistant, which is extremely important for track performance, as well as reducing operational costs during a season.


I would like to thank the organizers of the Stock Car for allowing me to be part of this moment in the history of national motorsport.
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