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Tribute to José Roberto Nasser

1946 - 2018



Lawyer and one of the oldest and most important journalists in Brazilian media. He was one of the founders and the first president of the Brazilian Federation of Antique Vehicles (FBVA), which he held for two terms in addition to being the founder of the Automobile Museum of Brasília. Nasser proposed the creation of the black plate as a category of collectible vehicles. which allows the import of old vehicles over 30 years old and the one that exempts the payment of IPVA for vehicles over 20 years old, in addition to writing the column “De Carro por Aí”, which was published in countless newspapers and websites. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Nasser declared himself to be a Brasilian by conviction.





A perfect Semitic combination, “Turco Veloz” and “Judeu a Jato”, that was how we called each other. More than 50 years of a fraternal friendship with several passions in common: the tracks, the old car, specialized journalism. One of the rare ones with whom I aligned ideas, criticisms and opinions about (and against ...) the sector.
We made "Mille Miglia" in Italy together, with a 1955 Mercedes. And "London to Brighton" in a Peugeot 1901. In addition to dozens of other trips - professional and leisure - linked to the classics.
He is gone, but he is present in every old car that has a black license plate: he was the author of the law that created it. And another that allowed its import. And in the museum he set up in Brasilia dedicated to the Brazilian car. Nobody has done more for antigomobilismo in Brazil. He did so much that he came up with the idea to create the word that defines our great passion.

Boris Feldman - automotive journalist
"In 1960, when I was a teenager, I met Nasser. He was 16 years old and I was 20. It was at a gas station in Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, where the group that enjoyed cars met every night. Soon I paid attention , I saw that he was perceptive and intelligent. Our contact started there and never stopped. I moved to São Paulo, he later to Brasília, and we became professional colleagues, which made me proud - which I still have today and that I will have forever.
The Nasser was the synthesis of the perfect automobile journalist: he knew the history of the automobile like no one else, its technique, drove with the skill of a pilot and was a master of writing. There is no substitute. "

Bob Sharp -  automotive journalist
"Roberto Nasser (José Roberto Nasser da Silva) was one of the pioneers of specialized journalism, passionate about what he did and wrote. We started practically together 51 years ago and met him less than a year later. So it was half a century of close contact and many exchanges of ideas, each with its own style.
His memory of facts and events was prodigious, far better than the average of his professional colleagues. His fervent passion for antigomobilismo made him fight for the adoption of the black sign, one of his great personal victories. He founded the National Automobile Museum, in Brasília, with a personal collection of mechanical rarities and pertinent literature.
His last and long battle was trying to find a new location for the museum, but he would not have to continue: this week the Ministry of Transport, with the change of government, beckoned him to continue with the building to house and display its collection. But he did not live to see his museum reopened. "

Fernando Calmon - automotive journalist