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A new vehicle designed for Track Day enthusiasts has been created by professionals in various locations throughout Brazil.


The enthusiasm and passion for the automotive world have found a new expression with the latest vehicle designed for Track Day enthusiasts. Under the leadership of Fábio Birolini, one of the founders of Lobini and one of the engineers responsible for the new Stock Car, and with the design signed by João Paulo Melo, with experience at the FIAT styling center, Marcopolo, Renault, Arrow Mobility, and responsible for the styling of the new Stock Car 2025 cars.


Fábio Birolini, recognized for his automotive projects, highlights that this project represents the perfect fusion of performance and design for motorsport enthusiasts. Our goal was to create a vehicle that would offer an unparalleled driving experience for Track Day enthusiasts, and we are confident that we achieved this in the first shakedown that took place at the last event at Interlagos in December 2023.


The spartan design creates a link between style and function for a high-performance car. Inspired by naked motorcycles and fighter planes, the vehicle features an exposed chassis with distinctive fairings. Every line and detail of this vehicle was carefully considered not only for aesthetics but also to optimize aerodynamics and functionality.


This vehicle promises not only to exceed the expectations of Track Day enthusiasts but also to establish a new standard of style and performance in the national automotive market.


During the pandemic, Birolini brought together seven vehicle enthusiasts for an online course on special vehicles. After the course, the participants decided to form a partnership where seven vehicles would be designed and produced, one for each team member.


The vehicle was then created by different people in various locations throughout Brazil. Each member contributed to the project with their experience, thus enabling the feasibility of the project and the conception of the first validation vehicle.


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The team consists of:


Fabio Birolini – São Paulo / SP – Product engineering;
João Paulo Melo – Caxias do Sul / RS – Product design and marketing;
Matheus Nolli – Florianópolis / SC – Virtual vs. real use simulation;
Delano Calixto – Goiânia / GO – Administration and process analysis;
Victor Filgueiras – Rio de Janeiro / RJ – Structural analysis and virtual crash tests;
Tomas – São Jose do Rio Preto / SP – Analysis and component purchasing;
Geraldo Coppi – São José dos Campos / SP – Modeling, mold making, and prototyping.


Advanced engineering development.


The project is supported by MOVEdot, an American company based in Brazil specializing in engineering consultancy. Using advanced development methodologies applied by international manufacturers, MOVEdot plays a crucial role from the design phase to validation, including on-track vehicle development using data analysis. Bruno Finco, engineering director at MOVEdot, highlights that the partnership aims to achieve a performance that distinguishes sports cars from models of major manufacturers.


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